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Lesley's Astrology

Introduction to Lesley's Astrology
zwheelAstrology is very old, with traces of it in most of the ancient civilizations, and for nearly all of its history it has been held in great respect. It went into decline in the West with the advent of the physical sciences and religious pressure against it, but in the last 100 years or so Astrologers have worked hard to enable it to regain that respect. There are now well established courses, training Astrologers to the highest possible standards with students’ work being assessed at every stage, and many serious research projects regularly undertaken by practitioners. As a result of that, and the challenge of many new discoveries by Astronomers, there have been a lot of exciting developments in Astrology in recent years.

There are several branches in Astrology, the most popular being Natal Astrology. For this, a map of the belt of the Zodiac is drawn for birth, using time, date and place, and from this a skilled Astrologer is able to give a reading as to character and the kind of opportunities that are likely to be available. Character, with its strengths and weaknesses, and opportunity, both welcome and unwelcome, together determine life’s pattern.

In the full birth chart, the positions of the Sun, Moon and the planets of our solar system are plotted, together with the Ascendant and Midheaven, which are respectively the signs due East and South at birth. These are carefully considered individually and in relation to each other to give a full reading. In these pages, I am only able to consider the sign in which the Sun was placed at your birth, and although the Sun sign is important, so are other factors in the chart, especially the Moon sign and Ascendant. The dates given are a little arbitrary because the Sun does not enter each sign at precisely the same time each year as it is not ruled by our calendar! Different Astrologers may therefore give slightly different dates.

Other branches of Astrology are medical, horary (literally, of the hour), and mundane (political). All Astrologers know something of these branches but I, like many others, have specialized in Natal Astrology.

People wonder how heavenly bodies, thousands of miles away, can possible affect human beings. We know the Sun and Moon create the conditions which support life on this planet. Astronomers are now realizing that the Sun not only provides light and warmth, but that sun spots and solar flares also have an effect. The gravitational pull of the planets keeps everything in place in our solar system. Everything affects everything else. Astrology is one way of assessing where the individual stands in this process.

I qualified in Astrology in 1983 with White Eagle School of Astrology and have been in practice ever since. I do hope you enjoy these pages and find something helpful in them.