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Vision 2010+ Decision

Uppingham Vision 2010+Councillors have backed ambitious plans to build a new primary school in Uppingham following months of debate with various groups (including parents, teachers and residents).

The meeting of Full Council (Thursday 27 July) was attended by a small group of parents who witnessed virtually every councillor who attended (19) speak on the issue and then cast their vote on the six recommendations put before them.

Councillor Alan Hodgkinson (responsible for Children and Young People’s Services) says, 'I am obviously pleased that the new school has been approved by Full Council as I firmly believe it will provide something better than is already on offer in Uppingham. Full Council has also given approval for detailed work to continue until the School Organisation Committee meet (October) so that we are ready to go immediately should the SOC give the scheme final approval.'

Mr. Hodgkinson added, 'I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who contributed to the consultation process in recent months. The responses submitted have helped us reach the position we are in now.'

Speaking after the meeting, Mr. Hodgkinson went on to say, 'The Vision 2010+ team will be looking for even more parent involvement in the coming months (if SOC approve) to work with the Vision 2010+ team and the current headteachers (of Leighfield and Uppingham CE) to develop the project further. I was heartened by a conversation with a Leighfield parent after the final consultation meeting in Uppingham, in which she assured me that despite being against the proposals at that stage, once the final decision has been taken, the Leighfield parents will constructively support that decision, regardless of previous opinion.'

The Uppingham Vision 2010+ proposal is to build a primary school in Uppingham for 420 pupils comprising a school with nursery provision, childcare for pupils up to 11 years’ of age, inclusive provision and extended services for the whole community.

The new school (that would open in 2008) would be built on land that the council has provisionally secured to the south of the Leicester Road.

All pupils in Uppingham CE and Leighfield at the end of the academic year prior to the opening of the school would be guaranteed a place. All staff will transfer to the new school from the existing schools, and will be guaranteed the same conditions of service and pay.

Statutory proposals will now be published between 30 August and 13 October. The School Organisation Committee will meet on 30 October to make the final decision on whether the school is built.
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start: Wednesday 2 August 2006

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