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Residents survey launched

Complete your survey!Rutland County Council is urging local residents to return a user satisfaction survey as soon as possible in an attempt to save time and money.

Thousands of surveys are due to drop onto doormats in the next few weeks as Rutland County Council carries out a huge ‘user satisfaction survey’.

All councils must perform the ‘triennial survey’ and if residents do not respond to the first questionnaire, then the council must send them two reminders (which obviously costs money).

John Tomalin is tasked with co-ordinating the consultation. He says: 'The survey will be dropping through letterboxes during this month (August). This is an ideal opportunity for residents to let us know what they think of council services. The results from these surveys will help in defining the shape and levels of service provided for our citizens in the future.'

Mr. Tomalin added, 'It will save the taxpayer money if the surveys are returned at the first time of asking. Any delay will mean that we have to send out reminders which cost money.'

The survey will gauge satisfaction levels with a wide range of council services. The five surveys include a general survey and surveys covering the Planning, Benefits, Library and Tenants services.

Due to the size of the Rutland population, many people will be asked for their views:

* Over two thousand residents will receive a general survey

* Most people who have submitted a planning application or receive benefit will be contacted by post

* Spire Homes, who manage council houses in Rutland, will be gathering views from their tenants

* Library staff at all libraries will carry out a face-to-face survey with their members

The results of the ‘user satisfaction survey’ will be published in the months after the survey is completed. The feedback will be reported to Councillors and published on the Rutland County Council website. Government will publish the national results later in 2007 when the council will be able to compare our results with other local authorities.

Leader of Rutland County Council, Roger Begy, says: 'As a council we are always keen to find out what the community thinks of our performance. I think it is fair to say that most people in Rutland acknowledge that we do a lot of things very well considering the resources that are available to us. However, as with any organisation, there are areas that probably need tightening up and I look forward to this survey highlighting them so that we can take swift action.'

National guidelines dictate that residents are not able to take part in the user satisfaction survey unless they receive a general survey form or one of the service surveys.

The sample base (those who are asked for feedback) for the general survey is not selected by Rutland County Council but is supplied by Government from the Post Office small users address file (PAF).

For more information please contact Rutland County Council on 01572 722 577.
Rutland County Council
01572 722 577
start: Monday 21 August 2006

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